All night he was being a dick, talking shit to bacon and interrupting matches even after being told to be quiet. He got muted once in the night and warned if he continued to talk shit during matches that he would be kicked. Later in the night he started to talk shit to me about camping behind west desk and i warned him again we would mute/kick him and he said “you can ban me all you want ill still keep on coming back”. So killa muted him, and he thought i did because i was the only one with tags (killa was on his alt accnt) and the only admin online. He kept on interrupting matches by going into spectate and talking shit to me, annoying everyone. Finally he joined my team and purposely naded me saying “this is because you wont unmute me”, so i banned him. I gave him more than 3 chances to calm down and stop interrupting matches (if he would of done it in between rounds i wouldn’t of cared as much), then the nade pushed me over my limit. He probably got too drunk or some shit like that. Contact me if you need more info, or killa/bacon who also encountered him. (killa was there when i banned him, bacon left before it) Also time may be off by an hour.

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